Saturday, October 23, 2010

LEGENDARY CARTOONIST: Raghu ( Kanneppadi Ramakrishna)


Early 60’s, one Mr Kanneppadi Ramakrishna, Lawyer by profession used to draw cartoons in the name of ‘Raghu’. But the coastal readers still remember his Cartoon character ‘Shinganna..!’ published in ‘Nava Bharatha’ a daily Newspaper. It was identified as a nose based common man. Later his pocket Cartoons were published in Udayavani and Prajavani (Chinakurali), largely attracted than its daily headlines.
When he was studying in Banaras he has started cartooning in hindi for ‘Aaj’ a local paper and later for ‘Amrutha Bazaar’ an Allahabad based newspaper. Also successful in trying his hand at tamil ‘Kalki’and ‘Malayala Manorama’.
For kids he has created a cool strip cartoon ‘Damma, Dimmi, Taami’was popular at the weekend published in Saapthaahika Udayavani.
Hundreds of thousands of people enjoyed his cartoons with a cup of morning tea for 30 long years is not a Joke..!!!

******** Jeevan Shetty

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  1. Great Cartoonist of 60s - 70s. I remember as students.. we used to eagerly wait for the "NAVABHARATHA" paper to read what "SHINGANNA" said. When he shifted to "Udayavaani" in early 70s "navabharatha" lost circulation as readers also switched over.He was also publishing a magazine called "INDRADHANUSH" which diid not last long as it was way ahead of its time.